Buying Forging Change and Available Formats

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Forging Change can be ordered from most any bookstore on a world wide basis. Due to logistics and bookseller markup, Amazon is generally the most cost effective and prompt option when ordering a small number of copies.

My author page on Amazon

Barnes & Noble

Free e-book with Print Version

If you send me any reasonable proof of purchase for a print version of the book, I will happily provide you with with a DRM free digital version. Even a photo of you with your print copy is enough proof for me.

Book Formats

I am publishing the book in paperback, hardcover, and e-book format using a combination of Amazon and IngramSpark.

The ISBNs are as follows:

  • Paperback: 978-1-7328751-0-4
    • Amazon copies printed by Amazon.
    • All other copies printed by IngramSpark and distributed worldwide.
    • Both the Amazon and IngramSpark versions show up on Amazon.
    • The Amazon printed paperback is slightly less expensive and comes with a free copy of the Kindle e-book.
  • Hardcover: 978-1-7328751-1-1
    • Printed by IngramSpark and distributed worldwide.
  • E-book: 978-1-7328751-2-8
    • ePub format distributed worldwide by IngramSpark. If you buy the e-book from Apple or Barnes & Noble, it will be the ePub format.
    • Kindle format distributed directly by Amazon.
  • Cloth hardcover with dust jacket: 978-1-7328751-3-5
    • Nicest print version available.
    • Only available by special request, typically in quantities of 25 or more.
    • Please contact me directly at for details.

Ingram is one of the world’s largest book distributors. You should be able to visit almost any physical or online bookstore in the world and order an IngramSpark distributed version of the book.

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