Hundreds of Millions In Annual Savings Realized

04 Feb 2024  James  1 min read.

In this summary of my LeSS case study, my goal is to highlight the direct business impact observed during the study period. I suggest exploring the full case study for a more comprehensive understanding of the overall improvements in delivery capabilities.

I led the effort to establish an agile team dedicated to improving hardware diagnostics capabilities. With each bi-weekly release, we realized tangible savings, contributing millions of dollars annually in reduced warranty costs. The cumulative savings over a year reached a substantial figure, totaling hundreds of millions of dollars.

In attempting to address a longstanding diagnostics capability gap, this team faced challenges that had persisted for years due to deep-seated organizational issues. The critical success factors included restructuring into a cross-functional, cross-component team to collaborate directly with field support teams. Concurrently, significant enhancements in organizational design played a pivotal role in establishing and sustaining improved technical practices.

Success in this effort propelled a follow-on initiative, mitigating a perpetual existential threat to more than a billion dollars of annual revenue. The study demonstrates the ongoing impact of our strategic and agile approach in addressing critical challenges.

Validating The Business Benefits

The best way to validate the claims above is to have me arrange a conversation with people who were at the client at the time.

Learning More

My LeSS case study provides more details on these achievements, the challenges encountered, and the lessons learned.

My Learning About LeSS page provides guidance on where to focus your initial study of LeSS.

James Carpenter
James Carpenter

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