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17 Sep 2023  James  3 mins read.

The links below provide a set of jumping-off places to begin learning more about LeSS.

Short-Form Reading

Before dedicating the time to read through an entire book, most people prefer to read a few articles or case studies first. The links below provide a good place to start.

Before settling down to read Book 3: Large-Scale Scrum: More with LeSS (2015),

  • Why LeSS: Provides a high level survey of the motivations around LeSS.

  • Introduction To LeSS: Provides a summary overview of LeSS.

  • LeSS Rules: The LeSS Rules are the definition of the LeSS Framework.

  • LeSS Complete Picture: Covers the following topics: LeSS Principles, LeSS Rules, LeSS Guides index for book 3, and LeSS Experiments indices for books 1 and 2.

  • LeSS Website: Reference style arrangement of LeSS framework information using a large overview diagram as a navigational launch pad.

Long-Form Reading:

When you are ready to settle down for a deep dive into LeSS, the long-form narative structure of a book is often best.

My LeSS Case Study:

To become a LeSS trainer one must have implemented a non-trivial LeSS adoption, written an extensive experience report regarding the effort, and gone through an extensive editorial process used as a mentorship scaffold for refining the thought process of the candidate trainer. It is not unlike a doctoral thesis in some regards. The level of effort and depth of experience required to go through the process is one reason there are only 26 LeSS trainers globally at present.

My LeSS case study regarding a Large Server Hardware Company provides a hands-on experience report of my efforts at one particular client. By reading this, you and I will have at least one concrete reference context for discussing real-world application of LeSS. There other great case studies worth reading, but none that I can personally speak to at the same level of depth I can my own.

If it makes sense, I can arrange a call with “Mitya” in my case study. I am grateful to have developed a lifelong friendship with “Mitya” and his family during the time covered by my case study.

Understanding Agile Carpentry Offerings

  • Global In-Person Certified LeSS Practitioner: Includes the CLP course agenda, multi-lingual training options, a brief video describing the course, and video testimonials by past participants. The page also links to an interest survey you can use to request a public course by Agile Carpentry in your home town.
  • Summary of Services Offered: Details services from Agile Carpentry in terms of discrete packages, in addition to long-term consulting arrangements.
  • Testimonials: Contains written recommendations.
  • Logistics Page: Agile Carpentry has logistics in place to make facilitating a system modeling based Certified LeSS Practitioner or Certified LeSS for Executives course very easy for a client.
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