Billions In Lost Revenue Avoided

04 Feb 2024  James  1 min read.

Adopting a LeSS-like structure drastically mitigated the perpetual existential threat to around a billion dollars of annual revenue at a large server hardware company.

Following on the heels of an earlier success, I helped restructure a large number of teams responsible for bringing up and integrating each new generation of Intel CPU within a blade computing product.

In collaboration with the relevant senior director I facilitated a correction of the organizational issues, and the attendant engineering and cultural issues which had historically necessitated an army of engineers over a year to integrate each new generation of Intel CPU.

Any failure to successfully integrate the newest server grade Intel CPU generation prior to each Intel CPU launch would result in a threat to around a billion dollars of annual sales revenue. A failure would mean missing the ability to participate in Intel launch announcements, reputational damage, and lost sales to competing products.

Integrating future generations of Intel CPU are expected to take an eighth of the calendar time, and an eighth of the engineering effort that had historically been required.

Validating The Business Benefits

The best way to validate the claims above is to have me arrange a conversation with people who were at the client at the time.

Learning More

My LeSS case study provides more details on these achievements, the challenges encountered, and the lessons learned.

My Learning About LeSS page provides guidance on where to focus your initial study of LeSS.

James Carpenter
James Carpenter

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