Forging Change Synopsis

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Implementing agile at scale starts with the right management attitudes and structures, but it doesn’t stop there. The waterfall mindset is often deeply embedded, and successful agile transformation requires a new understanding of how your organization works, not just a new set of processes for a few teams.

In Forging Change, James Carpenter cuts through the noise that often surrounds large-scale agile transformations to explain how agile theories play out in the real world. Part 1 focuses on agile deployment challenges, including different ways to spread the agile mindset and management practices that are crucial to success. In Part 2, he has assembled a collection of conceptual models, practical techniques, and real-world examples showing how healthy agile processes work in large organizations. These techniques will help you establish a real change in mindset, not just terminology.

  • Push higher quality standards by ratcheting your definition of Done.
  • Forecast releases for business use without violating agile principles.
  • Encourage automated unit testing and other aspects of improved craftsmanship.
  • Select the right Scrum Master when you can’t upend the organizational chart yet.

Forging Change provides a well of tested information, models, and examples that address these and other common challenges. The result is a dependable, practical resource you will turn to again and again as you work to achieve positive, lasting organizational change.

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