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The Logistical Problem

The learning outcomes of a system modeling-based Certified LeSS Practitioner and Certified LeSS for Executivescourse are fantastic. Unfortunately, facilitating the amount of whiteboard space involved can place a heavy burden on whomever is helping to host the event.

Ask almost anyone who has attended such a course, and they will say wonderful things about how much they learned doing the system modeling, and how much fun they had. Ask anyone who helped facilitate such a course, and they will tell you how much trouble it was preparing for it.

Hit the Easy Button

Agile Carpentry has invented an easy button for its clients! Following months of prototyping, investment, and logistical research, Agile Carpentry has developed the ability to easily and economically facilitate a systems modeling-based Certified LeSS Practitioner course in any event venue anywhere in the world.

This is achieved using flight cases containing a set of custom self-standing whiteboards and other media equipment; along with the necessary credentials and paperwork to cost-effectively travel internationally with them.

Why It Works

From the perspective of the airlines, U.S. customs officials, and international customs officials; I am just another professional film crew member or traveling musician with all the paperwork required to obtain better luggage rates and avoid paying customs duties on professional equipment with which I will soon return.

From the perspective of an event hotel, the training event looks like any other cookie-cutter business meeting. There is no need to worry about what sort of wall surfaces are available, and whether hotel management will allow the use of WizardWall on them.

Bonus Features

If a hotel is drastically overcharging for more generic audio-visual equipment, Agile Carpentry is able to provide this as well.

Agile Carpentry has the systems and knowledge required to quickly identify, accurately estimate, and finalize event space on a global basis.