James Certified LeSS Practitioner Course Tour

  James  1 min read.


I am going on the road to deliver a Certified LeSS Practitioner course to all of the cities below.

As soon as a course obtains enough pre-registrations to become financially viable, I will finalize the venue details, and process all pre-registration credit cards.

Pre-Registrations Are Transferable to Other Locations

With any course which fails to reach critical mass, your card on file will never be charged.

You will typically be given an option to attend a later course as long as capacity allows. For example, if you pre-register for Altanta and the Atlanta course fails to reach critical mass, you can choose to transfer your pre-registration to another upcoming location.

Course Agenda

To see the course agenda, please click on any of the listings above. The listing for Milwaukee is as good as any.

Course Tour Poster

Please consider placing this course tour poster in your office kitchen or in a similar high-traffic location to encourage others to join.

Air-Force Specifics

These courses are listed in the Air Force’s Education and Training Management System (ETMS). More details are available here.

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