Sprint Alignment Wall: Useful References

  James  1 min read.

Visualizing the Nexus Sprint Backlog by Rob Maher and Patricia Kong

  • The “Basic Sprint Alignment Wall” in my book is extremely close to what Rob Maher and Patricia Kong show in their “Figure 1. Cross-Team Refinement Board.” My “Enhanced Sprint Alignment Wall” has epic-level and confidence-level indications that Maher and Kong’s refinement board does not.

  • You will notice I have used different colors to highlight the direction of the dependency. In comparison, their color scheme indicates the cause of the dependency. I like their color code notation better than my own.

Cross-Team Refinement by Rob Maher and Patricia Kong

  • This is closely related to their “Visualizing the Nexus Sprint Backlog” article and resonates with my chapter on “Progressive Refinement at Scale.”

Useful Construction Materials

  • This page details a variety of useful construction tools you are likely to need to easily create a Sprint Alignment Wall or other similar information radiator. I recommend ordering these supplies in advance.