Easels in Flight Cases

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Panel Whiteboard Overview

The learning outcomes of a system modeling heavy course design are tremendous. The only problem is the logistical burden required to faciliate such a course design.

A set of flight cases with massive portable self-standing whiteboards provides a solution to this problem unlike any other. The solution imposes far less burden on a client than any other solution I know, and makes it possible to easily run a systems modeling heavy course in any event venue anywhere in the world.

Logistical Constraints

The logistics of traveling with large flight cases of professional equipment are identical to that of a professional film crew or small band.

Most countries participate in the ATA Carnet program, which makes it easy to avoid any customs problems.

Careful flight routing keeps baggage charges to a minimum. In practice this typically involves selecting better priced business and premium economy routes which stay entirely on mid-sized and larger jets owned and operated by U.S. owned airlines. At greater cost, most any flight routing can be made to work.

Shipping flight cases via a freight forwarding service is another cost effective option which sometimes makes sense.


flight case

The large flight case shown here contains enough easels for a small class. For a larger class, an identical large flight case of easels can be stacked on top of the first. The entire solution is designed to be manageable by a single person, and stay within relevant media baggage limits.

A full set of flight cases will fit into a sport utility vehicle, station wagon, or mini van; available from any airport vehicle rental or ride service.

Why Not Rent Whiteboards or Use WizardWall?

A typical event hotel seldom has more than a small number of whiteboards available for rent. Those they do have are often small and expensive. Banquette tables and chairs are available in abundance, but not whiteboards. Even flipboards are usually over priced, and far too small.

In the rare case one identifies hotel event space with a large enough expanse of WizardWall friendly walls, there is still the issue of ensuring the event space management won’t complain about the usage of WizardWall. The nicer the hotel, the greater the odds of encountering problems with management restrictions regarding what is placed on walls. Nicer hotels also tend to have fewer wall surfaces which work well with WizardWall.

If training is being conducted on-campus at a client’s overseas offices, and if the combination of existing whiteboards and WizardWall friendly expanses of wall are great enough; using WizardWall can still make a lot of sense. This is especially true when it isn’t possible for me to get there on a flight routing with media luggage rates.

For large international cities the easiest and best solution available tends to be the whiteboards in flight cases solution shown here. This is even more true within the United States.

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